Thursday, 23 January 2014

Well-Rounded Wednesday

I felt: A bit annoyed (see I thought), a bit hopeful.

I thought: About my son's allergies. They seem to be getting worse, and we can't always tell what on earth he's reacted to. At least we have an appointment with a specialist clinic next month… Then, got a letter saying the appointment had been cancelled. Turned out it was a computer SNAFU, and it's just been moved forward by half an hour, but that took about 20 minutes to find out *doh*

I slept: 7 3/4 hours in 4 chunks :/

I worked out:  32 minutes of yoga first thing, then 52 minutes of cardio-sculpting with Alison Davis-McLean's Cardio Overdrive. This time, I did it with 2k's in the main, and 1/2k's for the "cardio" sections, and so worked up a good sweat :)

I ate:  64g chocolate and 123g cake after dinner - 187g.

I am grateful for: My mother, who listened to me rant, and shared some of her own good news, which cheered me.

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