Saturday, 11 January 2014

Firm Lite

I felt: A bit sore - my knee twinged. Fortunately, I already had an osteopathic appointment booked, and that helped.

I slept: 8 1/2 hours in 6 chunks. Could have been worse, but I was restless as my son has taken to giggling and chatting in his sleep. It's kinda sweet, and doesn't seem to do his rest any harm, but it's rather disconcerting and wakes me frequently.

I worked out:  Decided to try another Firm workout with Emily Walsh, as I enjoyed the last one. This is another of the four on one disc, definitely very good value for money. This repackaged version is called Cardio Sculpt Fusion, and I was expecting some hard-core Firm cardio and toning. However, turns out the original name was Total Body Light, and the programme is designed pretty much for a rest day.  

Although there is cardio and weight-training, the weights are mainly very light, and it's more about warming and stretching than working hard. It even has some yoga and pilates moves, though with a gym feel to them. Turns out, my body was glad of it - my left knee twinged in the first set of dips (backward lunges), and I was grateful for no impact and nothing too hard. Will definitely be doing this one again, too!

I ate:  25g biscuit after lunch, 95g biscuits and 50g chocolate after dinner. Total 170g :/

I am grateful for:   My osteopath (an old, family friend), who is very good!

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