Saturday, 18 January 2014

End of Week Catch-Up


I felt: Tired and quite stressed, story of the last few weeks *rolls eyes*

I slept: 7 1/2 hours in 3 chunks.

I worked out:  30 minutes of yoga, followed by 36 minutes of cardio sculpting with Allie del Rio's Hardcore Cardio Fusion Express.

I ate:  100g biscuits and 55g chocolate.

I am grateful for:   Good advice from a friend.


I felt: Stressed still. Something else has come up at work, and we still don't have much help with our son, so working flexi-time hours is a godsend, but I'm still struggling.

I slept: 8 hours in 3 chunks.

I worked out:  20 minutes of yoga in the morning, and 62 minutes of Kelsie Daniels' 500 Calorie Workout in the afternoon. For the weights, I used 2.5k. It really helped me work out some of the stress - I felt much calmer and able to cope after.

I ate:  90g chocolate and 36g biscuits after dinner - total 126g - so-so.

I am grateful for:   A good obstetrician who inspires confidence and calm.


  1. Oy... I feel tired and and stressed just reading your recent posts. I am sure you must be quite drained! I hope you get some real R and R ASAP!


    1. Hmm, sorry, maybe like Eowyn says I shouldn't write about the bad stuff, just focus on the good. Sure don't want to stress you out more! Got my best night's sleep all week last night :) Hope you're doing okay!
      Hugs, Kxxx