Tuesday, 7 January 2014

More Weights Monday

I felt: A bit disappointed - I was expecting two sets of weights to arrive, but only one set did. Still, I put them to good use :)

I slept: 8 hours in 4 chunks

I worked out:  25 minutes of Total Body Time Crunch Express and 36 minutes of Hard Core Fusion Express, both from the Firm's Total Body Makeover - total 61 minutes.  

These are more pink Firms, and I enjoyed them. However, whether it's because the blurb is taken from the full-length versions rather than the express versions, it sucks! For the Total Body Time Crunch it says: "This workout combines high energy cardio with targeted body shaping". In fact, the only "cardio" was the warm-up, which I was glad to see was all low impact. Nevertheless, I prefer the workouts, like the Hard Core Fusion, which combine weights sections and cardio sections. Probably because I'm a cardio whore, but there you go - endorphins rock :D

Anyhow, I did both workouts with 4k as heavy, 2+1k as medium, 2k as light, 1k for the cardio sections as I didn't add power moves, and the occasional single 5k when you were supposed to combine your medium weights, as there's no way I can hold 4 weights in one hand! ;) Worked up a nice sweat, but I also find this has a good cool down, and I was feeling pretty relaxed by the end.

I ate:  40g chocolate and 43g biscuits - total 83g - nice!

I am grateful for:  Endorphins.

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