Saturday, 1 February 2014

End of Week Catch-Up


I felt: Busy - not bad, but I'd so like some time to myself.

I slept: 8 1/4 hours in 3 chunks - best night I've had in a while!

I worked out:  43 minutes of cardio-sculpting, back to what has become a favourite: Alison Davis-McLean's Ultimate Fat Burning Workout :)

I ate:  About 150g of sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice-cream after a dinner out - nom, nom!

I am grateful for:  Time to exercise, though I didn't meditate or do my perineal massage.


I felt: Still pretty tired - up in the middle of the night again, and then had to get up to get my son ready for school, bah.

I slept: 6 1/2 hours in 4 chunks

I worked out:  33 minutes of yoga in the early hours (3.30am), and 44 minutes of step with Cher Fitness. The routines are super-easy, the music is fun, and the outfits make me laugh or cringe, depending on my mood.

I ate:  40g chocolate and 40g biscuits. Had serious heartburn. Saw my obstetrician, and when I said I was having reflux, he said the baby's head was probably up against my stomach. Then he did a scan, and that's exactly where it was!

I am grateful for: The fact the baby should turn soon - and if he doesn't, I'll go for acupuncture to give him a nudge!


  1. Aw, sweet baby. :') I sometimes miss that feeling.

    1. It is rather sweet feeling him wiggling around, though the heartburn is less adorable ;)