Saturday, 15 February 2014

Quick Catch-Up


I slept: 8 1/4 in 6 chunks - not great, but much better than the previous night.

I worked out:  22 minutes of Sculpt-ilates (the Firm's take on Pilates) - the workout is actually half an hour, but I stopped when they got to the belly-down floor work. Then, 33 minutes of Cardio Party Express (from the same multi-programme DVD). I'd been nervous about doing this, worried there'd be too much high intensity, but it was pretty easy to adapt. I did it with 1/2k weights, and ended a bit sweaty. Would do it again.

I ate:  I think it was something like 48g chocolate and 120g biscuits, but that's a wild guess, as I don't seem to have written it down. Total about 168g.


I felt: Happy that my baby is no longer breech, that's one weight off my mind.

I thought: About how uncomfortable I sometimes feel in social situations. Went to a baby shower for my son's class teacher, who is due about 4 days after me. First baby shower I've ever attended, and I wasn't sure what would be "appropriate" as a gift, and felt a bit self-conscious, as everyone else's gift was bigger, if not always more expensive. It doesn't help that I don't know most of the other parents all that well.

I slept: 6 1/2 in 3 chunks - bah!

I worked out:  46 minutes of Cardio Overdrive - cardio sculpting.

I ate:  A bit of cake at the baby shower (maybe 60g), and a bit of cake after dinner (a nice chocolate one), about 150g. Total, about 210g.
I am grateful for:    Some reassurance about my baby. He's a good size - not small, not too big...


  1. Hugs and love to you and baby. I am so glad to hear you managed to turn him from breach!

  2. Err...breech. :) Grats! Thinking all good thoughts for you all over the next month.

    1. Thank you very much, MM! I did a few moxabustion treatments, and he turned almost straight away - maybe he would have, anyway… Still, it's good that things are going "to plan" ;)