Thursday, 27 February 2014

Yoga Wednesday

I felt: Chuffed that I managed to pack most of my altar supplies and pagan knickknacks. Don't want removal men touching any of that!

I slept: 8 hours in 4 chunks, but still felt tired...

I worked out:  18 minutes of yoga in the early morning, chanting to Kali - nice to return to this practice. I thought about it because, with the house move, I may not be able to do anything but yoga for a few days next week. Later, I did 41 minutes of cardio-sculpting with kickboxing - Kelsie Daniels Pump, Jump 'n' Jab. Used 3k dumbbells and it was quite tough, but good :)

I ate:  80g flapjack after lunch, 60g chocolate and 60g biscuits after dinner - total 200g.

I am grateful for:  A bit of time to get myself organised.

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