Sunday, 16 February 2014

Up and Down Saturday

I felt: Quite emotional. Stuff going on at work, and stuff going on in my head.

I slept: 7 1/2 hours in 4 chunks, including a half hour nap mid-morning. This is what comes of talking about tough choices and work that needs doing just before bed. However, I hadn't had any other time to talk about it...

I worked out:  35 minutes of Allie Del Rio's Hardcore Fusion Express, didn't have time for more.

I ate:   About 80g of cupcake after lunch, and 100g cake, 75g chocolate and 18g biscuits after dinner. Total 273g - not good!

I am grateful for:  My DH - he is so loving and supportive, and nice to snuggle with, too ;)


  1. Aww...this is a hard time. The end of pregnancy is never easy, especially when you have such stresses and fears coming up. I do hope the tapping helps! I need to do that more. Xxxxoooo

    1. I have been finding it very helpful - I've been trying to tap away my tiredness, too :D Get back to it, MM! :)