Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What To Do?

I felt: Upset - my DH isn't coping well with the stresses we're under at the moment. He didn't eat any dinner, and he's got an eczema outbreak. He's trying to protect me, but if he carries on this way he won't be able to help as he'll wear himself out :(

I thought: I should do less weights workouts - my forearms were very tight when I saw my osteopath today. However, I'm bored with the static bike and my step workouts, and can't handle the ballet because of the emphasis on the calves. I still get leg cramps most nights, but especially if I've overexercised my calves during the day. Not sure what that leaves me...

I slept: 8 1/2 in 5 chunks - yay!

I worked out:  37 minutes of Alison Davis McLean's Ultimate Fat Burning Workout. I was in a rush, so had to cut it short.

I ate:  90g biscuits and 40g chocolate after lunch - bad start! Later, 35g biscuits and 30g chocolate. Total - 195g - could have been worse...

I am grateful for:  The support we do have.

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