Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Less Tense Tuesday

I felt: Tired, but glad that I did a meditation this morning.

I thought: About my son's teeth, as we went to see the dentist. It was the best behaved he's ever been, which was a relief. He's probably going to have to see dentists a lot in his life, given the issues he has with reflux, eating, and his tooth-grinding :(

I slept: 7 1/4 in 4 chunks - meh!

I worked out:  36 minutes of cardio-sculpting with Allie del Rio Pointer's Hard Core Fusion Express. Afterwards, I decided to get a couple of the workouts from the Express DVD in their full format. However, turns out the full length Cardio Party is only 6 minutes longer than the Express version, so not worth it.

I ate:  29g chocolate after lunch, 21g biscuit at tea, then 39g biscuits, 150g cake and 29g chocolate after dinner - total 268g :(

I am grateful for:  Life.

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