Thursday, 20 February 2014


I felt: Guilty - I forgot a meeting I was supposed to attend until my DH mentioned it, at the time it was supposed to start! My unconscious telling me to take a day off? It has been a full-on week...

I slept: 8 hours in 3 chunks - very broken, though. I got up and wrote a couple of emails at 3.30am, and also did a hynobirthing meditation. My dreams have also been quite full-on recently. I woke myself up just before a dream degenerated into an unpleasant operation, but the previous night I dreamt about a blood-soaked maternity ward...

I worked out:  45 minutes of Ellen Barrett's cardio-pilates - Fusion Flow.

I ate:  85g chocolate and 115g biscuits - total 200g.

I am grateful for:  A working washing machine.


  1. You deserve a huge slacking off day!! Absolutely! In fact, you should plan several. Xxoo

    1. Tee hee, I wish. It was still very busy, just not much work done. Did stuff for the new house, and looking after my son. I'm hoping once we've moved things will get a bit calmer. Hope you're doing well - will try and check in with you soon! Huge hugs, Kxxx