Sunday, 9 February 2014

Saturday Lie-In: I Wish!

I felt: Exercise deprived - only 31 minutes *eek*

I slept: 8 hours in 5 chunks, including another nap after a meditation in bed. Second morning in a row I've been woken by my alarm, wish I didn't have to set it! Still feel tired. I was in bed by 9.45pm, but I wake so often, and the fourth time I got up for the loo (pregnancy bladder) I stumbled over something heading back to bed. The adrenaline rush kept me awake a while, which was when I decided to do the meditation. Still took a while to get back to sleep, and with me thinking about that alarm ringing *doh*

I worked out:  11 minutes of the warm-up from Kari Anderson's Hot Steps, then 20 minutes of the Firm. This is beyond the Pink Firm's, into their HIIT/Tabata phase, and I didn't like it much. Loads of high impact, 8 second "blasts", and the girls all looking over-tanned and a bit scrawny - see the bottom picture :/

I ate:  After lunch, 77g cake and 72g biscuits. After dinner, 50g chocolate and 18g biscuit. Total 217g.

I am grateful for:  Not being totally body dysmorphic.

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