Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Anxious Monday

I felt: A bit stressed. My son goes into hospital on Wednesday, and it's always a worry.

I thought: About what to pack for him.

I slept: 9 3/4 hours in 4 chunks - I needed the catch-up :D

I worked out:  42 minutes of step with Cathe Friedrich's Rhythmic Step. I only did the warm-up, the first two combos, and the cool-down/stretch. Even so, worked up quite a sweat. It's amazing how fast paced it is, not just in terms of the exercise, but the choreography, too. I think there is as much choreography in just one combo, learnt and practiced in 13 minutes, as in many other workouts that are 3 times as long!

I ate: Not a great day: 114g cake, and about 120g chocolate - 234g total :(

I am grateful for: The hope that another hospital visit will be ticked off soon.


  1. Oh dear! I'm very sorry about the hospital visit. Hugs to you. You have too much of that to deal with! I hope 2014 brings less and not more of that. And also, a happy and healthy baby. :) Lots of love...MM

    1. Thanks, MM! Yes, likewise, I wish you less school-stress, and a relaxing holiday (in as far as possible)! Love and hugs, Kxx