Monday, 16 December 2013

Sacked Out Sunday

I felt: Miffed to be awake, but too hungry to sleep.

I thought: About how much more autonomous my son has become over the last year. He sits and plays by himself with very little input for 20 minutes at a time, sometimes - such a relief. Though of course, it's never when we most want him to be quiet ;)

I slept: 6 3/4 hours in 4 chunks - the joys of sleeping away from home, and staying up too late :/

I worked out:  41 minutes of yoga self-practice.

I ate:  140g cake - not too bad given how tired I was.

I am grateful for: My yoga travel mat. It is super-lightweight, so I do take it any time I go away. Not sure you can see just how thin it is compared to a regular mat, but it's literally paper thin!


  1. I have seen it. It's so thin I wonder how it does any good. Does it really provide padding for you at all?

  2. Nope, doesn't provide any padding! But it does provide a fairly clean, grippy surface. I like it best for practising on carpet - on wood floors some poses become un-doable *eek* :)