Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mid-Week Catch-Up


I slept: 8 3/4 in 2 chunks - yay!

I worked out:  30 minutes of yoga and 9 minutes of a cardio warm-up before I got interrupted *doh*

I ate:  90g biscuits and 58g choc - 148g - so-so.


I felt: Tired and annoyed - had rather too much of a grinchy, cheeky child. It's almost worse when he's getting better, but not yet well enough to go to school, as he's annoyed with being home, too.

I thought: About all the things I haven't done this week because I've been caring for my son instead :(

I slept: 7 hours in 3 chunks - meh!

I worked out:  31 minutes yoga and 43 minutes step and weights with The Firm's Transfirm Your Body.

I ate:  43g biscuits and 50g chocolate - 93g - not bad...

I am grateful for:  School tomorrow!


  1. It is a testament to your fitness and my letting myself go that you barely mention the Firm workout and I thought it was an ass-kicker. :) Though I knew even when I was puffing through it that a couple of years ago it would have been one of my 'easier' workouts. Doh. Glad the kidlet is going back to school tomorrow. Sounds like the two of you need a break from each other. I remember those times!

    1. Nope, it's a testament to the fact that I don't have a body trainer, so I just used a regular step at a not very high height, and only 2lb weights. I look forward to moving house, as the old owners left a tall step there, so I'll have two heights to work with. And next time I do it, I'd use 4.5lb weights :D And yeah, I'm so glad he's gone to school today!!

  2. Oh yeah, I remember feeling a little guilty about *almost* enjoying my kids sick days because they were so mellow when they were sick. I say almost because I worried more than enjoyed it, but still. The house was quiet. lol I'm glad he's getting better and yay for school tomorrow!

    1. I definitely know what you mean. Just on Friday, I was thinking how much I was looking forward to the weekend and spending some time with him, as he'd had a couple of after-school things. So, the first couple days, I enjoyed having the extra "mummy" time, especially as he wasn't dreadfully ill :) Now, though, I'm glad he's back at school! Fickle creature, eh? :D