Thursday, 5 December 2013

"What's Normal?"

I felt: Stressed by visiting a nursery, how daft is that?

I thought: About what it'll be like for the baby I'm expecting, having a disabled brother. Not in terms of looking after him when he's older, but in terms of playing with him, talking with him, walking down the street with him...

I slept: 9 hours in 4 chunks.

I worked out:  30 minutes of yoga, and later 42 minutes of step, hi-lo and toning with Gay Gaspar's Cardio Crazy. This has three intervals, each with a step, a tubing and a hi-lo section. I like the fact that you can put all the step bits together, or do the intervals with their variety. However, all the combinations seemed to be repeated just a bit too much - I like how Cathe generally does two repetitions of a finished combo, and that's it.

I ate:  150g chocolate/almond croissant and 92g chocolate - 242g :(

I am grateful for:  The promise of an early night.

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