Monday, 9 December 2013

Party Sunday

I felt: Need I say it? Tired. We got a book for my son called "There's A House Inside My Mummy" to try to help him understand that he's going to have a little brother soon. One of the pages talks about the mummy falling asleep before she's got undressed. Although I never fall asleep anywhere but my bed, I think that's just because I'm not generally very good at sleeping. The impetus is there, just not the capacity :D

I thought: About friendships, and socialising. I sometimes find it quite hard to make conversation with others, especially if I'm distracted by my son. I met the wife of an old Uni friend for the first time, and would have liked to get to know her better.

I slept: 7 1/4 hours in 4 chunks - meh!

I worked out:  34 minutes of yoga self-practice.

I ate:  Not sure, exactly. We went to a party with little canap├ęs, both sweet and savoury, so it was hard to keep track. I think I only had about 60g of sweet stuff there. Then, after dinner, I dove into some Christmas turron, bah. Although it's got almonds in it, I don't think that makes it even vaguely healthy :( 100g turron, 15g biscuits, 30g cake, 25g chocolate. Approximate total - 230g!

I am grateful for: Friends.

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  1. I go to sleep on the couch a LOT. Every night, just about. I hate it, it's miserable. But when my time to myself doesn't even start until nearly 7, I resent going to bed by 9, even though I'm already falling asleep by then. I don't know how you can cope with getting up four or five times a night for all these years. Bless you.