Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Tuesday

Not ours, but it was equally lacking in fresh greenness
I felt: Not too bad :)

I thought: About how hard it is to get anything done with my son around. I'm blaming him for the goose being overcooked and the broccoli a bit soggy ;)

I slept: 8 hours in 4 chunks - though not more than yesterday, it felt a whole lot better!

I worked out:  20 minutes of yoga before silent chanting in the early hours, and then 30 minutes of Cathe's Basic Step.

I ate:  At a guess, about 100g chocolate, 50g turrĂ³n, and 50g biscuits - 200g - not too bad given the Christmas glut.

I am grateful for:  My family :)


  1. Sorry about your sad broccoli! Sending bright holiday blessings and fresh, green broccoli!

    1. Nom nom, I do love broccoli :D Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and wishing you a lovely NYE!