Monday, 2 December 2013

Slouchy Sunday

I felt: Tired and a bit annoyed: my DH has a tricky relationship with his mother, and so doesn't feel able to be honest with her. He ends up agreeing to things he doesn't want, and feeling resentful. And I have to cope with the fallout.

I slept: 7 hours in 7 chunks - bah! Restless night for my son, coughing and crying :(

I worked out:  36 minutes of yoga.

I ate:  73g brownie and 24g biscuits - total 97g :)

I am grateful for:  Not having pigged out despite being tired :)


  1. Sorry about the rough night and mother-in-law stress. I hope your son feels better and you get some rest!

    1. Thanks, Siddaleah. Yesterday was much better, despite my son still being ill. Maybe cos we pulled together :)