Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Quickie Catch-Up


I thought: I need to reduce how much I eat for my mid-morning and afternoon "snacks". I've been just eating whatever I fancied, given I'm pregnant and had lost weight, but now I've put on so much in the last month I think I need to tone it down again. I'm trying to keep my snacks to cup-a-soups - warm and satisfying, but quite low calorie.

I slept: 8 hours in 4 chunks - pretty good.

I worked out:  58 minutes of step with Kari Anderson's Hot Steps. I had to modify all the high impact moves, which is sometimes a bit of a pain as I had to figure out things that would fit the timing, plus remember them. Still, it was fun.

I ate:  80g flapjack, 40g biscuits, 90g brownie - total 210 :/

I am grateful for:  The life growing inside me.


I felt: Horribly tired, but couldn't sleep when I went for a nap, worrying about a million things.

I slept: 7 1/4 hours in 7 chunks - bah!

I worked out:  56 minutes of ballet with Kari Anderson's Center Floor.

I ate:  Approximately 100g chocolate cake after dinner - yay.

I am grateful for:  A better night's sleep tonight.


  1. You're doing very well! :) Back in dark ages when I had my baby, we were told it was perfectly fine to gain up to 30 lbs, but above that probably not. I myself gained 23, then had a baby that weighed 11 lbs 3 oz (yes I know, it was by C section obviously!), so in essence I guess I only gained 12! :) That's amazing considering how many orders of fish and chips I ate.

    1. LOL, you even had anglophile food cravings back then! You were clearly destined to move here :D Yikes, 11 lbs 3 oz is HUGE :o My first was under 6 lbs and gave me enough trouble...

    2. It was from a place called Captain D's, trust me it was not as good as real fish and chips. I would something called a 3-piece fish dinner, which consisted of 3 fried cod fillets, a pile of american style french fries and an order of american style coleslaw. But yeah, it's true. I've always been a rabid anglophile. :)

      Everyone was surprised at the size of the baby, but he was 10 days past due, so...Both diabetes and big babies run in my family, but I think I've won the prize for biggest baby so far. ;)

    3. http://www.captainds.com/menu/fish/#3pc Batter Dipped Fish

      Looks like they've tried to healthy it up a bit by offering vegetable sides instead of fries (if you want that). Not back in my day they didn't!

    4. Ha ha, healthy-ing up fish and chips seems like an exercise in futility! Gosh, maybe I should avoid fish and chips if I don't want a gimongous baby ;)