Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wilting Wednesday

I felt: Buzzed and exhausted at the same time.

I thought: About the power of advertising. I've seen a couple of ads for the new Galaxy Honeycomb, and couldn't resist buying one.

I slept: 5 3/4 hours in 3 chunks. Meditated in between, but still really struggled to sleep.

I worked out:  22 minutes of cardio toning with Jessica Smith's Total Body Balance. Didn't have time for more, unfortunately.

I ate:  After dinner, 145g brownie, 45g choc biscuits, 40g chocolate. The Galaxy Honeycomb was better than I expected (I know, why did I buy it if I feared the worst?) It just has small chunks of honeycomb within lots of milk chocolate, rather than being lots of oversweet honeycomb, like a Crunch.

I am grateful for:  An early night tonight - in bed by 9.15pm :D


  1. It is funny! I thought the Galaxy Honeycomb was a smart phone or something. I am hoping you got more rest last night!

    1. Ha ha, at the UK Tarot Conference, Ciro Marchetti talked about marketing and choosing a name for your product. He'd have loved your guess on the chocolate bar being a smartphone :)
      Finally got an excellent night's sleep last night :) Hope you're doing well, too!
      Huge hugs,

  2. Me too! I thought it was a gadget of some kind!

    1. Now, you should know better - Galaxy chocolate is available everywhere in the UK ;) Still, at least I cleared it up later...