Sunday, 6 October 2013

Swimming Saturday

I felt: Tired. Yeah, what's new?

I thought: About lots of work-related things. Didn't help that my DH wanted to talk about work we need to do in the next two months. So much for a relaxing time away!

I slept: 6 3/4 hours in 5 chunks - bah!

I worked out:  Swam for 40 minutes, which in my current state actually got me into the cardio zone - puffing like a whale! Then 5 minutes stretching :)

I ate:  Carrot cake after lunch (?100g), and chocolate tort with mango sorbet after dinner (?130g). Total about 230g.

I am grateful for:  Time away.


  1. I can't swim. :) Haven't been in a pool of water in a swimsuit since 1990. I remember it because it was the year before I got pregnant. I have extreme body consciousness plus fear of water. Not a good swimming combo. So I never learned. Not only that but when I was a kid, my mother would never sign the permission forms for me to take swimming lessons with the others because she did not want me to get my head wet and catch pneumonia, as she said. Oh well! Sorry you're so tired and puffed out, but I'm with ya, even though (thank Goddess) I'm not in your condition. :)

    1. Yeah, I can see how all those factors would put a crimp on your ever learning to swim, or enjoying it. What a shame, it can be a beautiful feeling! I guess I was lucky, my mum loved swimming, and taught me at a young age. I learned in Trinidad, of all places, and then put it into practice in the icy but invigorating waters of alpine Germany :) Not that you need to go anywhere exotic, but I guess it's just that there seemed to be swimming opportunities of all kinds wherever we went - even had a pool in each of the two towns closest to where I was brought up, plus the river...