Saturday, 5 October 2013

Finally Friday

I felt: A bit stressed when a call from school meant I had to rush in to give my son some medicine that he doesn't have prescribed, and so they won't give him at school, for a minor allergic reaction.

I thought: Must get him an official prescription for such occasions, as they've become more frequent, though fortunately not any more serious.

I slept: 6 3/4 hours. I got up at one point to meditate, and felt nice and relaxed, but then got a shock when my DH was up unexpectedly. the adrenaline hit stopped me sleeping for another hour *doh*

I worked out:  42 minutes of a walking workout with Jessica Smith. This dvd has two "walks" as well as a warm-up and cool-down. This was my first time doing the 'power walk' section and I enjoyed it. I added in light hand weights and took out any high impact moves, and it certainly got my heart rate up :)

I ate:  Approximately 120g biscuits and 140g cake. Oops, forgot, also 24g choc - total 284g :(

I am grateful for:  A massage.

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