Monday, 7 October 2013

Trafficky Sunday

I felt: Quite relaxed at the start of the day: we were in such a beautiful place for the weekend. This photo of a lily was taken in one of their ponds :)

I thought: "Damn, why didn't we just double back and catch the motorway?" Stuck in traffic that made the journey 50% longer than it would have been, sweltering in the heat, and with silly Sunday drivers. Ack!

I slept: 8 1/2 hours in 5 chunks, including a half hour nap after breakfast, and a 15 minute nap after lunch.

I worked out:  40 minutes of yoga self-practice, with a few ballet exercises thrown in at the end.

I ate:  Am going to count the mixed berry muffin I had at breakfast, and the strawberry mini Danish. So, approximately 160g for that, plus 55g biscuits after dinner - total 215g.

I am grateful for:  Being home.


  1. I hope it was a wonderfully relaxing time together. xoxox

    1. Overall, it was lovely! Hope you and J had a lovely time for his birthday :)

  2. That's a gorgeous photo! I'm glad you had a nice weekend.