Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Terrible Tuesday

I felt: Tired, natch.

I thought: About not having meditated in ages. Decided to do something about it.

I slept: 7 1/4 hours.

I worked out:  Just 30 minutes of stepping with Cathe's Basic Step. This is meant to be an intro to stepping, but it was a lot of fun. It also left me seriously sweaty (though part of that may have been the high humidity). I felt a bit weak by the end!

I ate:  72g biscuits after lunch, stressed out about more complex maths and budget decisions. After dinner, 163g brownie and 59g biscuits. Grand total - 294g :((

I am grateful for: Tomorrow being a new chance to make better choices.


  1. I feel really confused about your job. I may have to e-mail you and ask. Aren't you a counselor?! When does the math come in? I'm so confused...hahaa. Oye.


    1. No, I'm trained as a counsellor, but not currently practising as it requires a level of commitment I can't offer just now with my son's health issues. My day job is working in administration for an international company. I do lots of my work from home, working flexi-time. I'm okay with the multi-lingual emails, the report syntheses and translations, and other bits, but the budgeting stuff often drives me crazy. As you'd say "oy vey" ;)

    2. Ok...whew! That makes a lot more sense. I am sure I agree; I wouldn't want to number crunch either !
      Oye indeed.

      Hugs and goodness,

    3. It's funny, I don't mind basic number crunching - for years I did the accounts for a couple of companies. It's when it gets a bit complex that it bothers me - accounting that crosses currency borders, so you have to factor in exchange rates on particular days etc, bah!

      Hope you've been having a good week!