Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tuesday Again

I felt: Both excited and stressed. The thought of moving home...

I thought: About how much of what I do is conditioned by patterns developed around the space I live in. For example, I always unpack my groceries in one spot. So, today, to serve a couple of sandwiches we'd bought for lunch, I went to that spot (close to the fridge), when we could have done it at the dinner table, or by the sofa.

I slept: 8 1/4 hours in 3 chunks - felt so much better than yesterday!

I worked out:  30 minutes of cardio-pilates toning with Ellen Barrett's Sleek Sculpt Express

I ate:  16g chocolate after lunch, 55g chocolate sauce and 75g mango sorbet after dinner, as well as 45g biscuits and 8g chocolate. Total - 199g - meh...

I am grateful for:  Our pharmacist, who is a life saver. He ordered something, despite the GP mucking up the prescription so we still haven't received it.

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