Friday, 4 October 2013

Whacked Thursday

I felt: Still feeling really tired (so much so I got the day wrong when I first wrote this post *doh*). Slept a bit better last night, but still with lots of awake patches and kooky dreams...

I thought: A lot about a talk I'm giving next week, and how to pitch it to a very mixed crowd.

I slept: 7 3/4 hours in 5 chunks.

I worked out:  45 minutes of cardio pilates with weights.

I ate:  40g biscuits after lunch, then 146g brownie and another 65g biscuits after dinner :( Total - 251g.

I am grateful for:  My son feeling better.


  1. Ah, good to hear your son is feeling better. :-)

    1. Thanks, Siddaleah! Though then he had a minor allergy attack at school, so I had to go in to him, but it wasn't anything serious. Just keeping me on my toes! ;D