Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Catching Up Again

Yeesh, can't believe I haven't posted since Thursday.  Okay, I'm gonna go more unstructured with this, just because.


I slept poorly, did a quick 33 minutes of step with Christi Taylor's Mission Possible, and followed it up with 7 minutes of yoga stretching.  In terms of food, I didn't write it down and now I've forgotten *doh*


Didn't sleep badly, just not enough as I had to be up at 7am to catch a train.  Just managed 12 minutes of yoga.  I also spent half the day (literally) walking around, which has to count for something :D  I ate about 200g of cake and 36g chocolate - 236g total.


Slept pretty well, meditated in the morning, and did Cathe's Body Fusion again, I really enjoy it - 51 minutes of step and weights.  I ate badly, though: 138g cake, 35g biscuits and 39g chocolate - 212g total.


My back has been hurting a bit since Friday, when I lifted my son a few times in awkward positions.  Walking around all day on Saturday didn't help, so today I did a yoga self-practice for 42 minutes, and also got a half hour massage - yay.  As for food, not so great: 50g chocolate after lunch, then a little snack of 4g chocolate and 11g biscuits.  After dinner, about another 44g biscuits, and 80g chocolate.  Total 189g?  It felt like more...

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