Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Limited Time Tuesday

I felt: Happy - some things are going well at work, so I finally feel that one of my special projects is going to work out.

I thought: About how much I want to volunteer at my son's school. I'd be willing to do an hour every couple of weeks...

I slept: 7 3/4 hours in 3 chunks. Would have like a little more

I worked out:  31 minutes of step with Cathe Friedrich's Basic Step. Would have liked to do more, but it was a busy day.

I ate:  20g biscuits at tea time. Then 90g biscuits after dinner - only 110g total. I think the biggest difference was that I had larger, savoury snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon - a spinach and ricotta roll and a leek and gruyere croissant, rather than just a cup-a-soup. So, not sure if I actually had less calories, but at least those I had were healthier and more balanced...

I am grateful for:  The internet, with its wealth of information on a multiplicity of subjects.


  1. Glad you are feeling happy! :)

    1. :) That project finally seems to have clicked - hurrah! I was getting a bit worried…