Sunday, 17 November 2013

Long Overdue Update

Yeesh, being away, I've kinda lost track of most things.  Let's see...


I slept:  Not enough, but not bad - about 7 1/4 hours.

I exercised: 42 minutes of cardio and weights with Jessica Smith's Walking for Weigh Loss High Energy Walk and added weights.

I ate: Not too badly - about 130g cake and 36g chocolate - total 166g.


I slept: 6 1/4 hours in about 5 chunks - way too cold all night :(

I exercised: 30 minutes of yoga self-practice.

I ate:  Lots.  Rough guess - 120g after lunch, 100g at teatime, and 80g flapjack, 42g choc after dinner.  Total 342g.


I slept: 5 3/4 in 3 chunks.  Woke up without an earplug, and heard something that startled me.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I startle easily after nearly six years of being on tenterhooks with my son.  Couldn't get back to sleep, then started reading and got into the book - bad idea!

I exercised: 46 minutes of step with Kari Anderson's Go.

I ate:  Badly again.  About 110g cake after lunch, 75g honey roasted cashews, and maybe another 110g biscuits and cake after dinner.  Approximate total - 295g.


I slept: 10 hours in 3 chunks - yay!

I exercised:  23 minutes of cardio and weights with Jessica Smith's Better Body Blast, followed by 21 minutes of cardio with the Crunch's Fat-Burning Blast.

I ate:  A bit better - at a guess, 195g.

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