Saturday, 9 November 2013

So-So Saturday

I felt: Stressed by my son having another major allergic reaction to both horses and a dog. The antihistamines he was prescribed didn't seem to help much :(

I slept: 9 1/4 hours in 2 chunks - yay!

I worked out:  42 minutes of step and weights, once again with Cathe Friedrich's Body Fusion.

I ate:  29g biscuits after lunch. Not so great after dinner: 167g biscuits, 23g rice snacks, 49g chocolate with hazelnuts. Total 268g.

I am grateful for:  Having an appointment to explore options around my son's allergies, even if we do have to wait til February for it...


  1. Ahh, Body Fusion. That's a nice little workout. I may have to get that one out. Is that the one that has the Slade track on it? :)

    1. It is a fun workout, and funnily the only Cathe workout where I press more weight than she does ;) No idea on the Slade track, though. I recognise some of the music from other Cathe workouts, but don't know the one you're talking about (might recognise it if I heard it…) :)

    2. 'See chameleon lying there in the sun, all things to everyone, run run away' I bet that is it.

    3. I'll try to listen out for it next time I do it :)