Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Another Monday

I felt: Stressed because my DH, who is normally very steady, was feeling overwhelmed. I think he was just overtired, as he slept about 3 hours in the afternoon and felt much better.

I thought: About how important sleep is

I slept: 8 hours in 3 chunks, but it didn't feel like enough. Had a nap in the late afternoon which helped a lot - another hour and a quarter.

I worked out:  39 minutes of step with Cathe Friedrich's Rhythmic Step and 6 minutes of my own stretching. The full Cathe workout is just over an hour, but I skipped the last two step sections as I was feeling tired, before my nap.

I ate:  11g biscuit mid-morning (bad start to the day). Then, after lunch and dinner, another 135g of biscuits. Total - 146g - not too bad - I'm sure the nap helped.

I am grateful for:  Naps.

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