Saturday, 3 May 2014

Every Little Counts


I exercised:  30 minutes with Ellen Barrett's Sleek Sculpt Express.  I really like her positive talk during the programme, emphasising the importance of breath, and talking about movement being a treat.  She also says that for her, being functionally fit is the same as being aesthetically beautiful.  While I don't totally agree, I like the reminder that my body allows me to do lots of wonderful things.


I exercised:  20 minutes of Allie del Rio's Time Crunch cardio.  Busy day, but it was nice to at least work up a slight sweat, feel I'd done something for me.


I exercised:   41 minutes with Kelsie Daniel's Pump, Jump n Jab.  Had to interrupt once to breast feed, but I still enjoyed the kicks and punches.  Kickboxing workouts make me feel strong in a "don't mess with me" way :D

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