Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Reassessing My Priorities

Did premixes of this 3 times in 10 days :)

I exercised:  33 minutes of cardio with The Firm's Cardio Party.

I ate: 110g biscuits and not sure how much chocolate after dinner.  Probably just under 200g total :)


I exercised:  46 minutes of step with Cathe's Low Max.  This time I did the all combos premix - fun!

I thought:  About a comment by Magic Mentha about how looking at my bad eating is reinforcing it.  I also did a draw on it, from Les Vampires.  Will try to post about it at some point.

Sunday - I exercised:  40 minutes of yoga self-practice.

Monday - I exercised:  52 minutes of cardio sculpting with Alison Davis McLean's Bootcamp workout.


I exercised:  44 minutes of stepping with Cathe Friedrich's Low Max.  This time, I did the combos and blasts 4-7 premix.

I thought:  I'd like to eat less junk, and I'd like to sleep more, and I'd like to tap more for better eating.  However, it's not happening right now, and I think the main reason is how tired I am.  Baby's been a bit grizzly and difficult the last couple of days and nights, and the house has been noisy and busy all day.  So, maybe I need to give myself a break.  When I get more sleep and feel less exhausted, I'm more likely to eat better.  In the meantime, I'll keep exercising and try to be loving towards myself.


  1. You definitely deserve a break on many levels! Having a new baby makes everything more challenging. Your sanity is definitely top priority! I ate much worse when I was chronically stressed and tired--during the peak of my daughter's health issues. I agree with being loving toward yourself. Sorry, again, for the unsolicited advice. Lotsa hugs...MM

    1. Well, I'm trying to be loving, and to change my focus (as you can see from my post this morning). And this morning I also managed to set my altar up again, after over two months. So, things are looking up :)

  2. What MM said! I know I have a much harder time avoiding junk food and overeating when I'm tired. It's our body's way of trying to compensate, as we unconsciously look for stuff to increase the levels of serotonin in our brains.

    1. Dang that seratonin anyway! Ah, well, as others said elsewhere, the baby won't be a baby forever, and I have been getting a bit more sleep the last couple nights :)