Thursday, 15 May 2014

Too Blissed Out?

Wednesday - 53 minutes of Eoin Finn's Blissology Friday.  On the box, it said the full programme was 45 minutes, but actually it was 58 minutes.  However, that was a bit too long for the baby, and 53 minutes in, during Savasana, he kicked off.  So, I finished my relaxation feeding him in bed :)

The bad news is, today my knee has been hurting.  Despite what the GP said about it being better to do Pilates or Yoga, rather than aerobics, I think there's still too much relaxin flowing through my body for me to be as aware as I should be of what's happening when I stretch.

Thursday - 36 minutes of cardio-sculpting.  I started with Alison Davis-McLean's Calorie Explosion, but found it a bit too high intensity.  Instead, I swapped to Rebekah Sturkie's Total Body Time Crunch Express - just weights :)

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