Monday, 19 May 2014

Blast, No Better Body

Saturday - 22 minutes of Jessica Smith's Better Body Blast - the arms section.  I had hoped to do both arms and legs for about 45 minutes of exercise, but the baby had other ideas :(  So, I stuck on a couple of minutes stretching at the end of the arms section, and that was that!

Sunday - 45 minutes of low impact step with Cathe - yay!

Monday - 18 minutes of yoga self-practice.  Didn't think I'd get to workout at all, so it was a bonus.  Plus, I was inspired by Carla to at least do a little :)  I also silently chanted to Yemaya while I practised.

Feeling fat and disappointed in myself, eating way too much chocolate.  Do have a plan, though, to start doing something to keep my hands occupied after dinner...


  1. Good luck with your plan! I have to say, you have a lot of company. There are so many of us (perhaps ALL of us) that struggle with some habit which we don't feel serve us--and try to make those new habits and new routes to take that are more preferable. Sending lots of love and luck. I think your getting in touch with your emotions will also greatly help the emotional and stress eating with the chocolate. XOXO

    1. Yes, it's tough as our society encourages a lot of bad habits, like sitting and eating in front of the TV. Plus the enormous availability of sugary and fatty foods. Funnily, things were pretty emotional on my trip, but I ate relatively well, perhaps because I stayed away from the big explosions. Still, as you say, I probably need to deal with the emotions that may be encouraging me to turn to "comfort" food. Good luck to both of us with making new, healthier habits!