Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Losing Count Again

Monday and Tuesday

I ate:  Monday I tracked what I ate, but have forgotten it now Tuesday is ending.  Today, I didn't even manage to track my eating.  A big chocolate macaroon at lunchtime, and lots of chocolate chip biscuits and some minstrels after dinner… :(

I exercised:  Monday I finally managed all 41 minutes of Allie del Rio's Total Body Toner, having only done 11 minutes of it last week.  Tuesday I did 26 minutes of Cathe Friedrich's Rhythmic Step, and 21 minutes of Allie del Rio's Time Crunch Cardio - nice :)

I felt:  Tired and annoyed with myself.  No self-control.  Didn't help that I got very little done with a visit from my MIL.  Nice, though, that a tarot client came back, repeats are a morale boost :)

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