Saturday, 8 March 2014

Second Moving Week Catch-Up

I felt: Funnily, overall I've felt reasonably calm the last few days. I had a minor meltdown on Friday morning getting my son off to school, but other than that I've felt like I've been coping, despite hardly working out and not sleeping enough.

I slept: Pretty badly, most nights. Part of it is not having a dark room. Another part is that I've been going to bed rather later than normal because there feels like there's so much to do - I hate having boxes everywhere. Plus last night I had some strong contractions, and got excited thinking that I might be going into labour, and worrying about things like the grocery delivery scheduled today (I know, daft!)

I worked out:   21 minutes of Time Crunch Cardio on Thursday. 22 minutes of yoga self-practice on Friday. 40 minutes of cardio sculpting with Total Body Toner and Allie del Rio Pointer on Saturday - yay! Did it with 2ks, 3ks, and 4ks.

I ate:   Badly! I've been suffering with hay fever, as we've been having some nice, warm days. I know that eating less chocolate and biscuits would help with that, but it's one of my "comforts", and this has been a quite challenging week. I'd guess between 200 and 300g every day, sometimes a bit more.

I am grateful for:  Even a little time to workout.

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