Thursday, 6 March 2014

Moving Week Catch-Up

I felt:

Monday: Stressed and excited - first part of the move.
Tuesday:  Ridiculously tired.
Wednesday:  Doing better, rested and worked out, that's a good day - excited and happy with the new house.  Chuffed that I always managed to unpack any boxes in my son's room before he went to bed - I wanted him to have as little disruption as possible.

I slept: 

Sunday night: 8 1/2 hours in 4 chunks - yay! Must have been tired, as the sun has often woken me a good 45mins earlier than it did. And amazingly, I didn't even worry about the move the times I did wake. 

Monday night: About 5 hours - new room, no black-out blinds (grrr - long story).

Tuesday night: 7 1/2 hours - felt much better.

Wednesday night: 6 1/2 hours - worried about giving birth, so I did some tapping on some "affirmations for a natural birth" that I have from one of my hypnobirthing things. It seemed to help, but then I still couldn't sleep, so I got up and unpacked two boxes of clothes/bags/belts etc, and did some purging - yay me!

I worked out:  

Monday: Emily Walsh's Total Body Light (Cardio Fusion Sculpt) - 47 minutes.

Tuesday: Nothing!  Just unpacking all day

Wednesday:  Alison Davis-McLean's Ultimate Fat Burning Workout - 41 minutes with 2ks and 1/2ks for cardio. 

I ate:  Can't remember accurately by now. Not great any day, and Wednesday was the worst, but even then it wasn't screamingly awful.

I am grateful for:  A beautiful, new home.


  1. Aww...congrats on your move! Very sorry about the poor sleep, chaos from moving, and other stuff. I hope that you get better sleep very soon. I wish you had some more time to relax before the birth. I know it isn't relaxing right before giving birth...for anyone. So I know it isn't easy, but I hope that you get through with it all and breathe easy. You are awesome!

    1. Thanks, MM! I did sleep better last night - my first really good night's sleep since we moved, I think. Hopefully, I'll get another good night before the baby comes… Sending you lots of happy vibes :D xoxoxox