Sunday, 16 November 2014

How Deep Can I Go?

Crystal Visions Tarot
Did a weigh-in yesterday, and was pleased to see that I've dropped again, if only slightly:

58.5 k (128 lbs)

Overall, I've been incredibly happy with the positive changes I've achieved listening to these hypnotherapy apps.  The only thing I notice is that I still eat more than I'd like just before bed, even if now it's nuts and dried fruit rather than chocolate and biscuits.

Talking with a psychotherapist friend this morning, she said her ex had looked into hypnotherapy, but felt it couldn't deal with complex issues rooted in early childhood.  That may well be what's happening here.  My mother used to breastfeed me to get me to sleep as an infant, and perhaps it's that memory of something sweet and soothing as I drifted off to sleep that keeps this habit so tightly hooked in... Makes me worry about breastfeeding my baby to sleep :(


  1. Hi, Kerry.
    Your weight fluctuations are probably the result of fluid-retention and not directly proportionate to the amount of food you're eating. The body may require more or less food at times of warmer or colder temperatures. This can result in unexpected changes in weight but should not be something to worry about if it is not a drastic amount like, say, five to ten pound increase/decrease. I am a Type I Diabetic, so I know a lot about food, water, and the effects on the body.

    I found you on and checked out your site.



    1. Hi Damon,
      Thanks for dropping by. Have to admit, I'm not really worrying about this any more, haven't weighed in for a while, as my weight is pretty stable, and I have been below my "ideal" weight for over six months :)
      Hope you are managing your diabetes, and that you enjoy my YouTube.
      Best, Kerry