Monday, 16 February 2015

Breakfast Bowls

The other morning, I glanced at the back of my granola packet, and was stopped short by the image on it.  It showed a bowl heaped high with cereal, and yet I'd just been thinking how quickly I got through the packet, and wondering exactly how much I was eating.  

So, I weighed it, and found I was eating more than twice the recommended "portion".  But it didn't look like I was eating that much…

Getting out my camera and my scales, here's how it goes…  Here's my regular breakfast bowl, with my regular amount of fruit:

And here is the smallest bowl I have in my cupboard, that I rarely use, because it's so small:

You can see their relative sizes:

And here is a "portion" of granola in the small bowl:

This is how much I actually tend to eat, and have done every day while I've lost 8 kilos (seventeen and a half pounds) over the course of 4 months:

So, this is how my actual breakfast looks!  

It's far more than a "portion", but I feel healthy and strong, slim and toned.  I work out every morning, and I'm breastfeeding.  Maybe at some point I will have to change how much I eat, but for the moment I feel kind of angry at the manufacturers.  Firstly, because of their extremely misleading packaging, and secondly because of their ridiculously small "portion" size.


  1. It is crazy how tiny a portion really is! I've been thinking about how people who live past 100 often eat very little! I was shocked when hearing about the tiny food portions they ate. Of course they aren't breadtfeeding, which uses up lots of energy. Very interesting. I like the idea of giving our digestive systems a break at times.


    1. I can imagine eating small portions regularly, but fasting definitely isn't my thing! Still, just dealing with small amounts would be a kind of break, especially if it's detox kinda stuff. Sorry, rambling :) Do you do occasional fasts, then, or is it just one of those ideas that appeal theoretically? When my DH was doing them, I just couldn't, and I'm definitely not going to try right now!!

      Hugs galore, Kxxx

    2. I have done very minimal fasting--nothing like what many people I know have attempted. I know there's something called the '8 hour diet' where you only eat within an 8 hour period in a given day. My mom and sister did it for a while. My sister liked it (for a time) but my mom never really sustained it. I think we're all individuals and nothing works for everyone! I just don't eat much during times when it doesn't appeal to me. I'm trying to listen to what my body is saying, whether it's less carbs or less dairy/sugar/caffeine/etc. I'm still trying to find out what my body likes. :D