Monday, 8 December 2014



  1. I know what you mean. I wonder if part of the issue is just that we're very hard on ourselves and always want to do better (whatever that means for us?) I think it might help to continue to recognize how well you really are doing. Body issues around weight and appearance (regardless of size) are a big thing in our culture. It can be akin to someone who thinks they never accomplish anything in business. They may go for more accomplishments, not realizing that they're doing well and don't need to keep climbing the ladder out of some sense of self-shame or obligation. Anyway...things like this are so personal and hard to measure. I'm sure your doctor will be happy. xoxoxx

    1. I came through the health check with the nurse saying she wished everyone were like me :) Also spoke with my osteopath, and showed her why I still feel "fat" and she gave me a great perspective. She said that I need that layer of fat at the moment as I'm breast-feeding, and oestrogen requires body fat. So, the fact that I have this seemingly unshiftable pooch is actually a good thing, at least for the baby ;) It's changed my perception, so I'm not going to try to lose any more weight for now. I'm glad, though, that I feel I'll be able to do so if I want to in a few months time…